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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00 some disturbing new evidence in d.c.'s mansion murder case. >> police only have one suspect in custody. only news4 discovered details about a stay away order filed by daron wint's ex-girlfriend. the search for two escaped inmates spread to another state after revelations that one border crossing went unguarded. how this new video is shedding light on an old problem. "news4 at 11" starts now. first up tonight a big change metro riders will notice on the way to work tomorrow. >> metro pulled 100 railcars from the track today for safety inspections. it's going to mean a more crowded commute all the way through the weekend.
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news4's derrick ward is at the rockville station with what is behind all this. derrick? >> reporter: well, you remember that metro ad campaign, metro opens doors. we're pretty sure they didn't mean inadvertently. they have a solution, a temporary one to fix this problem, but it's going to mean a little bit of pain for commuters. here is the problem. doors that open when they're not supposed to when the train is in motion. this happened on some of the older 4,000 series metro trains. a metro rider shot this video recently of an open door as the train passed through a tunnel. understandably a dangerous situation. >> while the train is moving? that's not safe. >> i don't think that's safe. >> reporter: no one has been injured but it's happened with enough frequency that metro has pulled all 100 or so of the cars out of service and safety checks and repairs if needed. red blue, and orange and green lines at least until next week. that means more crowded rides
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during the busy peak ridership hours. >> nightmare! >> reporter: she would know. she has ridden another btz subway system where crowding is such an issue they actually have people stationed on the platforms to help cram passengers into crowded cars. >> i remember the japanese trains. >> reporter: maybe not a japanese level nightmare, but certainly not the ideal commute. it's in the name of safety. >> i feel like for safety reasons, i guess, it's a good thing. >> reporter: eventually the troubled 4,000 series trains will be phased out for the newer 7,000 series which have already started to roll on the system. now the saving grace is the time when ridership typically starts to decline. people go on summer vacations and schools are closed. if they don't find any systematic problems, this will be back to normal by monday. live at the rockville metro station, derrick ward, news4. >> thank you. details tonight from a newly unsealed warrant in the d.c. mansion murder case are not easy
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to hear. investigators found a bloody baseball bat in a bedroom after someone set fire to the mansion last month. the warrant also indicates husband savvas savopoulos had injuries to the back of his head. his wife amy suffered cuts to her head and neck. daron wint is suspected of killing the couple. their 10-year-old philip and the family's housekeeper, vera figueroa. you saw the report first on news4 tonight on wint's apparent violent history with an ex-. court documents show a former girlfriend got a stay away order in 2008. she told police wint had attacked her multiple times and held her against her will. wint is the only person to be charged so far in the northwest d.c. murders. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk with a potential break in the hunt for two escaped killers who broke out of prison. now comes word the inmates may have used a ferry to get out of upstate new york. officials suggested the two men may have told someone they wanted to escape to vermont, and
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the easiest way to get from plattsburgh to burlington is on a 14-minute ferry ride. we learned there is no checkpoint at the loading area on the new york side. billboards have gone up in vermont because police are worried that people there may look at this as a new york problem and not pay close enough attention. officials are interrogating a woman who worked at the prison. investigators say joyce mitchell was a seamstress at the tailor shot where richard matt and david sweat work, and she befriended them. somehow two convicted murderers did get access to power tools which they used to cut through a steel wall. they wiggled through pipes and tunnels, then climbed out of a manhole outside. investigators say they have received more than 500 tips, and vermont is going to allow new york state troopers to work across state lines if need be. turning to our weather. now ready or not, here comes another heatwave. doug, it going to be as hot as it's been all year this week? >> well, i think so. our hottest temperatures so far
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92. i think we're going get well above that. that starts with the day tomorrow. take a look what we're going to be dealing with. we really can sum it up for you in one word. the heat is going to be here, and it is going to be hot that jet stream way up to the north. we're going see the hot temperatures over the next couple of days. look at the heat index. this is the feels-like temperature. this is tomorrow afternoon. 96 d.c. 96 fredericksburg. 95 in gaithersburg. watch what happens on friday. i think that's going to be the hottest day. the heat index approaching 100 degrees across parts of the area. we are talk about some really intense heat for at least the next, probably at least three days that a will be our heatwave. and then we've gotten a little cooler weather. but we've also gotten a chance for thunderstorm activity as well. and storms could be strong this time of year. i've got that forecast coming up in a minute. >> thank you doug. a man is in the hospital after he was hit bay car on wisconsin avenue during rush hour tonight. police say the man was in a crosswalk near van ness street in upper northwest. the driver who hit him stayed at the scene. the man's injuries are serious.
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the d.c. police major crash unit stayed on the scene for hours to investigate. residents of a montgomery county apartment complex came home to a homicide investigationarking lot this evening. police tells us a man stabbed another man outside the woodlake apartments here in silver spring. the victim died at the hospital. officers quickly arrested his alleged attacker. they haven't revealed the men's names but did say they did know each other. a sudden and surprising end to the jesse matthews rape trial in fairfax. before any defense witnesses were called, matthew entered an alford plea. he acknowledged prosecutors have enough evidence to convict him but did not admit guilt. he was convicted of sexual assault for the 2005 attack on a woman in fairfax. >> and i just wanted to make clear that there was no plea agreement. the commonwealth can't stop defendants from pleading guilty. >> matthew's sentence willing be october 2. he faces a maximum of life in
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prison. he is also expected to go to trial for the abduction and killing of uva student hannah graham. a judge in loudoun county today ruled that there is another enough to try min nguyen for killing his ex-wife's new husband. according to testimony in the hearing today, nguyen was apparently upset about the couple's children spending time alone with cory madison. it was back in january when nguyen allegedly broke into the couple's home and shot him. keeping the district from regulating marijuana sales. the appropriations committee released a draft spending bill today. it includes a provision that says the district can't use city funds to enact the law that made pot legal in d.c. residents voted for legalization last year and mayor bowser legalized pot possession in february despite a threat from congress that doing so would violate federal law. the district, meanwhile is pledging to get tough on stores
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that sell illegal synthetic drugs there has been a spike in overdoses from synthetic drugs. mayor bowser is propose anything legislation now that would give the police chief the power to shut down stores that sell the products for up to four days. it's similar to the chief's authority to temporarily close bars and nightclubs where violence breaks out. one neighborhood commissioner welcomes the move. >> it's a blatant disregard and disrespect for the community for someone to serve drugs. because that's what they are. they are a drug. these people should be held accountable for their actions. >> just last friday, about a dozen people overdosed on synthetic drugs in downtown d.c. city leaders say it's likely many overdoses have gone unreported. a heads up if you bank in columbia, maryland. howard county police say this man installed an atm skimming device at the nassau federal credit union on dobbin road. on sunday a caller told police the atm's card scanner appeared suspicious and had come loose.
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it was really a skimming device attached to the machine with tape. police are encouraging bank customers to monitor their accounts. raccoons attack two people this week in fairfax county. a 75-year-old woman was attacked on a path near south run rec center today. police tell us she stopped to take a picture of the raccoon, and that's when it charged her. she was treated at the hospital. that raccoon has been caught -- or has not been caught. sunday animal control officers captured and killed a rabid raccoon. it viciously bit a man on the leg while he was gardening in the kings park area. for safety tips on how to tell if an animal might have rabies, visit next at 11:00, the bike lane confrontation that sparked an outrage online. tonight home is marley stone talks to the man behind the camera. it's the celebrity hacking scandal that rocked hollywood almost a year ago. tonight, what we're learning about how close investigators are to catching the people responsible. and can you tell what is behind this tree?
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the animal sightings getting some attention tonight in montgomery county. i'm alissa millay. 95 southbound at powder mill road. we're going to have the two right lanes closed until
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share the road. that's the message tonight from the d.c. man who shot this video. we first showed it to you last night. it shows a delaware state officer flashing his badge and gun after that cyclist tried reporting him for parking in the bike lane. as shomari stone reports now, new tonight, it's not the first time we've seen problems on l street northwest.
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>> it's stressful to look at it now. try not to watch that kind of thing. >> reporter: robert fitzgerald speaks out for the first time about this video he shot from his camera mounted on his bicycle. it shows an suv illegally parked in the popular l street northwest bike lane in downtown d.c. yesterday morning. robert calls police on his cell phone to report the driver. >> hi there is a vehicle parked blocking the traffic lane here. >> reporter: but when the driver walks over, points at his waist. >> pay attention, okay? don't play with me, okay? >> sorry. >> keep it moving. >> reporter: robert apologizes and pedals away. >> he was a bit aggressive as soon as he heard i was making a call about it. he came up and showed a gun and a badge. to be honest at the time i thought he was a u.s. marshall. >> reporter: but then robert looked at the video and noticed the suv has a delaware license plate, and it's an official police vehicle. the driver is a delaware state police officer. robert says no one is above the law. >> you're going to have a bike lane, should it be used for
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cyclists, not for park. >> reporter: cyclists tell us they worry about getting hit while trying to go around the parked cars on the northwest l street bike lane, a hot spot for illegally parked cars. >> i hope everyone follows the law, drivers cyclists, everyone. >> reporter: tonight i call the delaware state police. they tell me they are aware of the video, and they're conducting internal affairs investigation. in northwest d.c., i'm shomari stone news4. the nude photo hacking scandal that rocked hollywood brought the feds out to the windy city. that's according to a recently unsealed affidavit which reveals that the fbi raided a house in chicago last october. they seized computers and cell phones, but ultimately did not charge anybody. the raid is part of an ongoing investigation into how photos of celebrities like jennifer lawrence were stolen and posted without permission. a baby delivery miracle right in the middle of the james river on a ferry boat. jonathan and carrie klein were headed to the hospital early
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this morning from surrey county. carrie's water broke while on the ferry. jonathan used a flashlight to illuminate the inside of his dark pickup truck to deliver the baby. along with some help from ferry workers too. but then he noti cord was wrapped around the baby's neck. jonathan says he reacted quickly. >> when i saw that, i just hooked it and i guess did a can opener move twice. and it just slid around my finger and came right off. >> ah the old can opener move. the couple bundled the newborn emily into pillowcases for the rest of the trip to the hospital. jonathan says she is doing well. >> we are glad to hear it. you could almost use a boat to get through the streets of tampa. take a look at this. heavy thunderstorms cause severe flooding there at least 6 inches of rain pummelled that region today. streets and sidewalks filled up. several cars got stuck in the high water right now. police are telling folks to stay off the roads until things dry out a bit. >> wow. >> the baby is coming.
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let's head for the ferry, hone any. >> exactly right. >> what! we're heading into some warmer weather aren't we? >> it's going to get kind of hot the next couple of days. hope you got a pool. maybe a hot fan, something like that over the next few days. we're talking about a heatwave. not the hottest we've seen. again, i think it will be the hottest we've seen so far this year. we've seen a lot worse. take a look outside right now. temperatures on the nice side. and really very nice. it is gorgeous outside. 75 degrees right now. the dew point of 65 a very comfortable evening. a few clouds across our area. we'll see a few of those tomorrow morning. temperatures right now 70 in frederick. 68 in manassas. a very nice night. i think that's going to lead to a nice morning too. we're not talking any rain. storm team 4 radar is completely dry. we're not going to see any rain during the day tomorrow with the exception of areas back towards the west. and the reason why, we have this front. you can kind of see it coming through this line of clouds here. another line back towards the west. that's what we're going to watch make its way towards our area.
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that's a frontal boundary that will move just to our north. by just to our north, we're talking about the mason-dixon line here. let's take a look at future weather and i'll show you what i'm talk about. throughout the afternoon, no real problems. a few clouds. any showers are above the banner, way up towards pennsylvania. a few back towards west virginia. but that is going to be about it. friday a little bit of a different story. heat and humidity on friday. the heat index upwards of 95 to 100 degrees on friday. very hot and very humid. here is friday afternoon. more of a scattering of showers and thunderstorms. don't cancel any plans. if you have friday evening plans, don't worry too much. if you do get caught in a thunderstorm, you could see some very heavy rain, and some of the storms could be on the stronger side. only a 30% chance of a storm. high temperatures tomorrow 95 degrees in d.c. 95 fredericksburg. 94 in leesburg. so once again, the hottest we've seen all year with plenty of sunshine. as we move on through the day tomorrow, too hot to run? well, not early. again, low humidity right on through 10:00, 11:00, no problem. but then tomorrow afternoon, yeah, it's going to be a little hot to get out there for a run or get out there for a bike
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ride. heads up for that. make sure you the sunscreen on with plenty of sunshine. tomorrow we're talking rather sticky kwns with the dew points around 60 to 65. it gets rather uncomfortable on friday and into the weekend as the heat index approaches 95 to 100 during the day i think friday will be the warmest day. saturday also looking pretty warm too. heading down towards the beaches, a great day on saturday and really a nice friday, if you get down there early. right now sapt looks saturday looks like the best day. the wind shifts out of the east, an onshore flow. always a little cooler on the beaches. back towards the bays a little better. high temperatures in the 60s. the next couple of days inland, there is the heatwave 95, 94 93. the heat index close to 100 friday and saturday. about a 30% chance of storms all the way through the day on sunday as a cool front moves through. that will bring temperatures down a little bit. they'll keep them down on monday. highs in the mid-80s. and right back up to around 90 degrees next tuesday and wednesday. it looks like we're in this
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pattern now as we typically get this time of year where things want to get on the hot side. >> it's going to be busy at the pool. >> exactly right. >> thanks, derrick. up next on "news4 at 11":00 the nats dig deep to leave new york on a high note. jason is next. don't go to bed yet. hey, guy whoopi goldberg is my guest to
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> always good to the leave new york with a a win. >> yes. good they could split this series and get back on track today.
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so we all know how bad the nationals have struggled the last few weeks. in 12 games, the fellows have posted just thee wins. but here is the thing. no one in the national league's has made up any ground whatsoever. in fact the nats are currently on top of the standings, despite their bad play. now give them credit. earlier today in new york, it was good to see the guys get back on the winning track. fans were in attendance for this final meeting between the nats and yankees. we'll pick it up in the seventh inning. tied at two. alex rodriguez, the untithed. he was 0 for 3 at the plate that goes over the head of denard spahn. a-rod two rbis shy of 2,000 for his career. in the eighth inning, they're trailing 4-2. michael a. taylor, he is going to be a good one. opposite field home run. that's a two-run blast, his fifth of the year. all five home runs have given the nats a tie or a lead in the game. well go to extra innings. denard spann, the man on third.
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chopper over the pitcher's head. he would beat out the throw. tyler moore scores there you have it. the nationals win against the yankees, 5-4. let's go to camden yards. o's trying to take their second straight against the red sox. bottom of the second up 2-1. good piece of hitting right there. it will drive in manny machado. the orioles, they go up 3-1. adam jones is pretty good defensive player too. chin had a solid night on the mound. watch this play by jones in center field. he can cover some ground. watch the replay, though. he is blowing a bubble. that is impressive. >> that is awesome. >> unbelievable. well done, adam jones. ninth inning now, o's up 5-2. darren o'day on for the save, make it look easy. hanley ramirez having a seat. nike napoli, you can sit down do. xander bogaert would also sit down. all three going down swinging. the o's win their third in a
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row, watching their longest win streak of the season. elsewhere, we have two great finals taking place. last night it was the nba. tonight the stanley cup did not disappoint going right down to the wire between chicago and tampa bay. that is 20-year-old andre. chicago, they get on the score scoreboard. marian hossa nice little pass there to jonathan toews who puts it home that is the first goal. tampa bay responded. five minutes later, a lot of confusion here. steven stamkos gets the puck, throws it to alex killorn and this is a wide open net for killorn. we're tied up at one. there it is. later on in the third period, the blackhawks storming back here. brandon saad doing it all by himself. the old can opener move right there. that's the game winner. ties this up.
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they take the lead, 2-1 and go on to win this game, 3-2. or excuse me, lead the series is now, the series tied 2-2. >> but what he blowing a bubble? >> he was not. he was not blowing a bubble. >> i think i would rather see the can opener move on the hockey ice rather than the delivery room, right?
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and a pregnancy watch at is the smithsonian national zoo. here we go folks. zookeepers posted this photo on instagram today showing giant
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panda mai jong getting an ultrasound. she went through two rounds of artificial insemination in april. veterinarians plan on giving her several ultrasounds over the next few months to see if they can spot a fetus. she is already a proud mom of bau-bau and tai shong. a viewer snapped this photo of an unusual animal. that would be a goat. others spotted it in germantown. that goat gets around. so now we're on goat watch here. and if you spot the goat and can safely take a picture safely is the key word there send it to us at do not take any pictures of raccoon. >> no, don't. especially if they're foaming at the mouth. >> we learned that today too my goodness. >> warmer temps on the way? >> we're talking than heatwave
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again. high temperatures tomorrow 95. 94 on friday with a heat index between 98 and 100. get ready. you're going to hope for some showers out there to help cool you off. >> all right. >> that's going to do it for
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- whoopi golberg. christian slater.


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